Tuesday, May 31, 2011

caring for your bullied child

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Saying "I love you" more and really, really meaning it, is course the best foundation. Rebuilding your child's self esteem and self confidence is quitechallenging, but absolutely can be done.  While you are working through the nuts and bolts of stopping the torment at school, remember to concurrently rebuild and repair your child's self confidence and self esteem.

The most important activities to kick off while you are stopping the torment, is to:

1. Find new friends
2. Find new activities

Simultaneously, making sure your child hears compliments from you and others frequently.  When a parent or another child says something kind about your child, make sure he knows about it.

Finally, if your child need additional help with social skills and self-confidence, look into school based groups, YMCAs, local therapists' groups and other community based groups.

see solutionsforbullying.com for free resources

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