Wednesday, May 25, 2011

After a School Year of Being Bullied: Summer Solutions

If your child has just endured a school-year filled with torment at the hands of a bully, there is a good chance his reputation has been damaged. As a result, your child may not be getting as many invitations to events, outing, just hanging out, etc.

My co-author and I have been through that with our children. It is heartbreaking to watch your child be alone and sad during the carefree months of summer.  The good news: your child can still have fun and build new relationships.

Parents that have been through this have shared many great ideas to provide a new social scene for bullied children during the summer:

-join a park district group that meets regularly that will introduce them to other children from other schools
- join a regional theatre group
-join a park district or regional swimming team
-join a YMCA sports or arts group
-Sign up for classes at Community centers
-Sign up for a volunteer group that meets regularly
-Join a church group
-Send them to sleep away camp or a day camp in a neighboring town
-Explore offerings from local community colleges for school age kids in summer
-Take musical, arts or sports lesson
-Start an outings group of new children and parents that meet in local spots
-Go to amusement parks, museums, events etc. regularly

Your child can still have social interactions, it is just a matter of finding new outlets for him.

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  1. Being bullied as a child can have lifelong effects. Childhood experiences may become deep-seated, which makes them all the more difficult to erase come adulthood. A good way for kids to manage bullying is to expose them to positive social activities like these.

    - Carolin Newmeyer