Saturday, May 21, 2011

How to work with schools to stop bullying

The key here is to find an internal champion for your child. Frequently, an assistant
principal can be your best bet. Work the system with them. Build your plan including the champion,
all of this teachers, the nurse and guidance counselor.

A quick meeting appealing to their nurturing side will help. Lay out the problem, let them know
how concerned you are. Make suggestions. Make a list of ways to protect him, e.g.,

-change his seat away from troubling kids
-change the bully's schedule
-have supervision in hallways and locker rooms
-ask teachers to assign buddies to watch out for them

The way to garner success with schools is to boost their confidence ( compliment them
on what they and what they will do), empathize with their workload, be positive and LET THEM
KNOW THIS TEAM WILL WIN.  Also give them a task list to track their duties.

At first call daily in a positive way to check in.  If it get better, weekly will be fine.

If it gets worse, meet again, ask for additional recommendations.

Require the bullies' parents be called and told their child will receive consequences. Require the bullies parents sign a letter itemizes the issues, action  and pending consequences.

And always, keep the superintendent informed. Use the school board.

Most importantly, thank all involved frequently, but hold them all accountable as well.

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