Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why Can't Media Folks Cover The Bullying Problem AND Solutions?

I frequently scratch my head at this. The good news: Media folks have done a tremendous job identifying that the U.S. has a various serious bullying problem and the depth of the problem.

The bad news: solutions for bullying are never covered.  There are solutions that work well! Hundreds of them! There is an army of experts, advocates, professionals and volunteers out there everyday working hard and actually making progress against the bullying epidemic.

Please do not misunderstand, revealing and demonstrating the problem is critical and should continue without question.  My only concern is that solutions are not focused on as well.

As examples, our team can speak to 20 different school districts and school systems that have successfully decreased bullying dramatically in the last 3 years. Similarly, I can share several handfuls of key stories where severe bullying issues were resolved with happy endings.

Again the exposure to the problem is crucial, but providing working solutions would provide hope and clearly, motivation. We can do this. There are strategies and tactics that work!

Let's all start taking a problem-solution approach and start motivating people!

For more on this topic and clearly effective solutions for both individual cases of bullying as well as compelling and proven solutions for schools, see our book, "When Your Child Is Being Bullied: Real Solutions For Parents, Educators and Professionals"  at and