Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BULLY Movie Tshirts Now available only at Sears.com

SolutionsforBullying@gmail.com www.SolutionsforBullying.com

BULLY TEE SHIRTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!! Woohoo!! A portion of the sales will go to The Bully Project: 1 Million Kids initiative to bring students to see the film for free. Get yours here:http://www.sears.com/hanes-bully-movie-t-shirt/p-033VA51166101P?prdNo=13&blockNo=13&blockType=G13

"Bully" Movie T-Shirt- Hanes-Clothing-Young Men's-Shirts


  1. When i come through your site i realizes that you have got some authentic quality of clothing and especially in Hanes clothing you have some differnt colors and designs as compare to other online clothing store.

  2. yeah,it's a good idea,I also like the t shirt.