Sunday, May 8, 2011

What happens to the bullied child as an adult?

Kids will be kids.  We hear it over and over.  But what happens when kids that were bullied as children become adults?  The sad thing about children that are severely bullied is that they do not always live up to their full potential as adults.  Frequently, they have trouble trusting people, and they certainly do not stick their neck out for anything, for fear of being hurt or ridiculed by others.

Some Lasting Effects of Being Bullied

Anger, shame
Fear, low self-esteem
Poor grades
Isolation, loneliness, sadness, and social anxiety
Eating Disorders
Ability to trust diminished
Difficulty making and keeping meaningful relationships
Difficulties advancing in the work place
Becomes totally risk-adverse

If your child is severely bullied, consider getting professional help if possible.  Even for milder bullying the school nurse and social worker may be able to help as well.  Do not let your child hinder his full potential in this world because of the bully.

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