Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Overweight children and Bullying

How dull would it be if we all looked and acted like Barbie and Ken?  For the bully, any difference is a good reason to bully.  Most bullies are motivated by a need to be powerful and in control.  They lack empathy and like to be the class clown.
Overweight children are bullied at equally high rates as lesbian and gay children.  The bully often thinks of these children as an “easy target”.  It is a visual difference, and seemingly easier for the bully to make disrespectful and hurtful jokes about the victim.  This bully is motivated by the need to be funny, and the center of attention, in a cruel and demeaning way.
Bullying of overweight children usually makes the weight situation for the bullied child worse.  They may try to fill the emply space they feel caused by the pain that they feel from the humiliation of bullying with food.  If your child is in this situation you might want to consider talking with your doctor about emotional eating and its effects.  They might have some good tips on alternative solutions to eating when feeling stress, pain and other emotions. 

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