Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bullying Learnings and Happy Endings From My Son

Up until this point, I have not been specific as to why my co-author and I began this journey.  Both of our families experienced bullying up close and personally over the last few years.

The good news is both of our sons who suffered at the hands of bullies are thriving, happy and well beyond it.

Two years ago that was not the case however.

My son was the victim of strategic bullying that became viral in his middle school.  He learned a lot about
the types of bullies, how they react, who they are and how to manage them.

Here are his recommendations:

1. Never, ever let the bully think the bullying upsets you.

2. Always let the bully know either away from the crowd or in front of them, that what they are doing is clearly not acceptable. He had success with the following comebacks:

      a. "Wow you are really mature - impressive for a second-grader,  Oh, that's right -you are in 6th grade"

      b. "Are you okay, the way you are talking makes you look like you are having a seizure?"

      c. "Oh I heard about you -- I know about your issues."

3.  Find really big friends to hang out with

4. Make certain you always have a go-to person in every class, lunch and gym

5. Do not let it go on for more than 2 weeks or it will go viral in your school

6. Do not be afraid of retaliation, kids typically then ignore and exclude you, it subsides over time and is worth telling adults to get the peace and quiet.

7.  Find new friends and new things to do

8.Don't believe a word the bullies say -- they all have problems and are angry. It is not YOU, it is them!!

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