Monday, May 9, 2011

Key issues facing families of bullied children

We tell all of the parents who come to us needing help and support with bullying issues that first and foremost, do not be ashamed or embarrassed! It is the bully and his family who should be embarrassed and ashamed. The bully is exhibiting unhealthy and abnormal behavior.

Secondly, don't let anyone tell you to ignore it, "its kids being kids" or minimize it.  If bullying is left unchecked, the whole family starts to feel the effects.  Families of bullied children, tend to feel like outsiders in their own community. This is wrong. Do not allow yourselves to be isolated. Get out there and be seen, happy, healthy and confident. The key is to let the bully's family know that you are a positive team and the bully's negativity will not get you down.

Another key challenge for the family, it that bullying takes over the conversation in the house.  While it is key to let your child vent, talk and work through it as well as letting it be clearly known that you as parents are "on it" protecting them and solving the issue, there has to be other conversation.

Make those other conversations happen all the time. Don't let bullying swallow up your family.

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