Thursday, May 12, 2011

As a parent, TAKE THE LEAD in solving your child's bullying issue

Sadly, nobody will stick with it, unless you do.  When your child needs bullying to be stopped, parents are not only the best advocate, they also need to be  the leader of the solution.

Most schools are well intended, but have a million fires to put out short term and long term everyday.  Most will collaborate and help, but parents of bullied children must make noise and must be very clear about expectations.  As a leader, parents must write out the plan and hold all parties accountable.

The school should be accountable for contacting the bully and his parents. They should also implement a learning consequence for the bully.  FYI; detentions and suspensions don;t work unless there is a learning exercise that goes along with it.

The parent should via email  or other communication write out the short list of to-dos, assign tasks to each party, check on progress frequently and be the most pleasant nuisance you possibly can be until you have resolution.

Note: schools are busy, so compromise on some things, but never let them forget ( in a very diplomatic way), you as the parent/taxpayer or tuition payer are the boss.  Collaborate, be respectful, stay calm, stay determined!

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