Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another Talk Mom? The Bully “Talk”

Just when you thought you were done with the tough conversations we need to add another one to it!  We had the “talks” about puberty, drugs, (gulp) sex and now BULLYING! 
Starting these conversations early and often with our children – it just may help prevent bullying .
Here are a few sample questions to start the conversation:
“Have you ever witnessed anyone being bullied or have you been bullied? “
If you have a very young child you might want to give examples of what bullying is such as name calling, hitting, intentional exclusion, gossip…. 
If your child answers yes follow up with, “What did you do about it?”
Welcome open conversations about bullying and if they ever see anything that looks like bullying tell a trusted adult and parent.  Try out your acting skills by pretend to be the bully, the by-stander and the bullied child.  Discuss how each of the children felt during the situation.  This is a good time to discuss the role of the by-stander as well as sticking up for themselves in a non-violent way.  Bullies do not like when someone else steps in and stands up for themselves or others. 
Here is the tough one…..  Have you ever shown bully like behaviors in the past?
If so, discuss what happened, why it happened and explain why these behaviors are hurtful not only to the other child but to themselves.
I know, I know one more thing on your to-do list but it could prevent so many more problems in the future.  Remember starting these conversations early and often with our children may help prevent bullying.
Together we can make this a better world for our children!

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