Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back-to-School: Make It Bully-free

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This is about the time of year that parents of bullied children begin to get knots in their stomachs. We remember all too well.

Today, we will share a quick roundup of key things to remember prior to beginning the school year (we have a much longer and detailed list in our book that is tailored to a wide variety of bullying situations, "When Your Child Is Being Bullied: Real Solutions", available on amazon and www.solutionsforbullying.com).

Stopping Bullying: Key Mantras......

1. Never ignore bullying: It essentially gives the bully a permission slip to continue bullying if you don't stop this behavior.

2. Stop the bullying early and comprehensively: Make certain all bullies are spoken to, understand the gravity of their actions and the school provides a consequence alongside a commitment in writing that it will cease (signed by both families). If it is not stopped early on, bullying can become viral very easily.

3. Do not be timid about going up the chain of command: If you are not getting help at the teacher/principal level, go to the superintendent and school board. From there, use community civil servants such as police officers to speak respectfully to the bullies about changing their behavior before it becomes a crime. If bullying becomes criminal in nature, seek advice from law enforcement.

Preventive Tactics Prior to School Starting......

1. Remind your child to talk about bullying with you. Ask them to share what happens and how it feels. Keep the dialogue open so they feel free to tell you everything and remain protected.

2. Role-play possible ways to stop the bullying in-situation. Sometimes you and your child or your child and a trusted friend can brainstorm possible comebacks or ways to stop the bullying in a specific set of situations. This allows the bullied child to be prepared when bullying occurs

3. Find a "go-to" person for your child to be with/sit near during high-bullying times like recess, the bus, gym class, to and from school

4. Firmly Request That Your  Child's Bullies NOT  be in your child's classes: As always be respectful, but be clear that the you are partnering with the school to solve the issue.

5. Ask to be a lunch/hall monitor, recess supervisor or other parental volunteering positions: This will allow you to keep a watchful eye and send a message to the school that you are willing to help.

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