Saturday, July 23, 2011

Parents Helping Parents find Solutions for Bullying

Parents Helping Parents find Solutions

It was a bitter sweet day for us when our book “When Your Child is Being Bullied; Real Solutions for Parents, Educators and Other Professionals” was released.  How we wish we were not part of the 25 million families that had to deal with bullying but we were not so lucky.  As we struggled to find solutions during our journey we knew there were other parents in the same difficult situation.  That is one of the reasons why we decided to write about the book.  We want to help you find solutions quickly.

Like most parents we did not want to discuss our bullying issue with any other parent for fear that they would think that there was something “wrong” with our child.  We are frequently asked what was “wrong” with our children that they were bullied.  It turns out there was nothing wrong with our children but there was something not right about the child doing the bulling.  This was another contributing factor that motivated us to write about solutions.  We want to help your child.   There is nothing wrong with your child, remind them that there is something not right about the bully’s behavior.        

Our best advice is to act quickly and professionally.  Do not give up until you have the right solution for your family.  We are happy to report that both of our families have survived and are thriving; we have even become closer for the experience.

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