Friday, July 1, 2011

Schools and Parents Need to Work Together to Solve Bullying

While all would agree that working collaboratively is a good thing, there is a perennial argument that we hear all the time.  Parents claim the bullying is happening at school, so they should solve it.  Alternately,
schools claim that if parents were doing a better job, they would not have a problem to solve.

If you can be simultaneously right and wrong, both sides are.  The reality is that both sides have to work hard and work respectfully. Pointing fingers at each other is not useful.  Realizing there is a problem, identifying the problem and addressing the issues in an assertive, dedicated, yet respectful way is critical.

Parents need to realize schools are overwhelmed and stressed out. Schools need to understand that parents can get the job done successfully. Schools need embrace parents' ideas and try them. Parents need to hear schools and be open to compromise.

However, neither side should ever compromise the safety of any child. Working passionately and quickly demonstrates to the community that schools are dedicated to a solutions. This becomes infectious in a very positive way and encourages the community at large to help.

Everyone can and should contribute. Embrace each other and make it happen!  Be role models for children and demonstrate that many folks with many perspectives can come together and solve problems.

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