Thursday, January 19, 2012

We Must Stop Bullying: Parents Are Taking Their Lives As Well

A harsh and extremely unsettling headline, right?  Unfortunately it is true :

This type of double tragedy simply should not be.  In this deeply saddening case, this terrific young man, only 14 years old, took his own life after being bullied for a long time. Then adding to that horrible tragedy, his noble and inspirational father, who was diligently working in the anti-bullying movement on a number of fronts, took his own life because he simply could not make sense of a world that continues allow bullying to happen.

While my co-author and I are constantly struck by the fact that literally everyone we meet or speak to casually or formally is very supportive of the anti-bullying movement, but unfortunately, they do not feel empowered. Well, guess what, there is good news: you are officially empowered today!

The better news is: every American has the power to do something in their own community.  If your school does not have an anti-bullying policy that includes prevention, victim support, bully rehabilitation and teachable consequences, help them build it. You can start on our site ( or start anywhere, just do it.

If you see bullying, report it, or if it is safe, intervene and stop it.

If your community, child's sports team/association or park district condones bullying, speak up and ask for change.

If you see parents ignoring these issues, convince them as to why we must stop this cycle.

Most important: the solution starts with you. There are many real solutions out there (not just ours). Use your search engine and find some.  Then, commit to addressing bullying and realize you are saving lives.

Now, go out there, find the right solutions for your school or community and save lives. Thank you!

When Your Child Is Being Bullied: Real Solutions For Parents, Educators and Other Professionals, is
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  1. A clip from an article offering a additional solution to consider for Bullying in our schools .."is that a lot of the peer organizing groups are high in percentage of victims of this situation themselves. And educators and guidance counsellors and even parents are outside of the true culture of teens. In the mind of a bully, will they stop their behaviour towards a victim, because a teacher does not condone it? Will they stop because a group of their victims protest? I am sure the teenage mentality has not changed THAT much since I was in school. I reiterate – these programs are all critical, and proving to be somewhat effective."... full article:

  2. thank you for your note. We agree peers and bystanders are critical to stopping bullying.