Wednesday, December 14, 2011

U.S. Dept of Ed Report on Bullying Laws: Extremely low accountability and enforcement

Today the Department of Education released a report entitled "Analysis of State Bullying Laws and Policies" reviewing state and school district policies related to anti-bullying and harassment.
The report clearly identifies that while 46 states have anti-bullying laws, they fall short on several measures. Most importantly, under these laws, the vast majority of  states have little or no ability to enforce the laws or hold schools accountable. Similarly, very few laws identify clear consequences for bullying perpetrators. 

Anti-bullying advocates and authors, Jacqui DiMarco and Marie Newman discuss the social issues and legal implications of bullying in  their book, When Your Child is Being Bullied:  Real Solutions for Parents, Educators, and Other Professionals.  The authors provide recommendations to school districts, communities and parents on how to implement systems that stop bullying using "Real Solutions"  and  "Teachable Consequences" vs. antiquated measures most schools currently use.  They are available for comment or interview about the Department of Education report and why the laws are not designed for success .  See for a media kit.

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