Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fear and anxiety every day for bullied children

Imagine you are a seventh grader and everyday you have a huge pit in your stomach. Imagine going to school everyday with the certainty that you will be humiliated, called names and much worse.

If it was a job, you would quit.  But kids can't quit school.  So it is our job, as adults, to protect them.  Similarly, if someone was degrading, harassing or assailing you, you would press charges. Interestingly, while this is the same exact behavior bullied children are experiencing, typically charges are not pressed.

When a child is hit by another or harassed, it is a violation of his/her civil rights. Charges can be pressed.
While judgement should be exercised on a case by case scenario certainly, this is food for thought for our parents of bullied children. Lets use solid judgement and protect our children!

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